Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weird Amusement Park

fake venice

Just wanted to post couple of links of this super weird amusement park in Shenzhen, China we visited 3 years ago. What a strange place. It’s like the Epcot center in World Disney World but much much stranger.

Would love to go back there and take some more pictures with my big camera for my portfolio. Even better. Would loooooove to visit a whole bunch of weird and bizarre amusement parks around the world and make a book out of it. Any sponsors?

Here some more pics and links to even more pictures:



More pics: Windows of the World I and Windows of the World II

Some budget hotels in Shenzhen:

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  1. Fab! You have to include Ancient City (known as 'Muang Borang' in Thai), a Thai theme park near Bangkok in Samut Prakan province. It features more than a hundred replicas of famous Thai temples, monuments and buildings and even the Ancient City itself is shaped to replicate the basic geographic areas of Thailand with monuments places in roughly the right place.

  2. Rebecca ... I need to go there too. It would be awesome just to plan a trip around odd amusement parks.