Monday, June 22, 2009

L-Hostel New York City


The L in the name of the L-Hostel stands for luxury! Emm, luxury to a budget price. How is that possible?

Well the hostel is located in Harlem so it’s not really a prime NYC location but everything can be reached with ease thanks to the NYC subway system.

The hostel is a transformed studio flat building which means that dorm rooms have their own kitchen. And the rooftop can’t be topped either.

What they write about themselves:

The L stands for Luxury! Our hostel is the first of its kind anywhere. We are located in a brand new renovated building. You will see from the pictures it is built with style and class. Unlike some hostels advertising nice pictures, ours ARE REAL, and all rooms and areas of the hostel are truly beautiful, and provide a real luxury hostel experience never seen in a hostel before. Our rooftop terrace gives you the feeling that you are staying at a spa and not a hostel. We have toured the competition in New York and we know you will be relieved to finally see a product that lives up to all the hype!

We offer the most space per bed of any hostel. All of our Marble bathrooms are single use for your sense of privacy! We have comfortable public areas, decorated in modern style. Our outside backyard is an oasis in the middle of New York City. You won’t find your typical run down second hand furniture style hostel here, everything is new and contemporary!

luxuries hostel

Our top floor is nothing but exclusive private room suites. Some have private luxury bathrooms and some share bath with just one other room. We have three penthouse private rooms that have their own private roof deck, absolutely unheard of in a hostel! Check out the actual pictures! These rooms may be the very best deal in NYC!
L. Hostels offers full service to group business. We have the best designed group rooms of any hostel in the world. We can handle groups as large as 300 persons. We have suites available that can hold groups as small as ten and as large as sixteen, very spacious and comfortably! The suites have multiple rooms. If you are the group leader you can have your own room within the suite that your group is staying in, with your OWN bathroom! It offers a very safe and secure setting for groups. The large suites have multiple rooms and multiple bathrooms. Please see the diagram of the rooms available. We have large modern meeting rooms available as well. We can have your group meals catered at great prices and also can arrange transportation services. Our group service sales people are very experienced in what it is you need to make your stay a successful one.

We have an amazing café and grocery that will supply you with all your traveling needs. If you want to cook your own food, a fully equipped kitchen is available or you can use the barbecue grills in the back. Contemporary TV rooms, laundry room, free wireless, are just a few of the things we offer.

hostel kitchen modern

The vibe of the hostel will make you feel relaxed and comfortable and allow you to explore the great places of New York City with confidence. You will want to come back to your hostel at the end of the day for relaxation and comfort. FOR the same price or even less then some other hostel, why not stay at the place that is the best! Please give us a try and we will show you how a luxury hostel experience can be!

More info: L-Hostel New York City

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