Sunday, June 14, 2009

Backpacker’s Delicatessen – Everything Canned

Backpacking is awesome and fun. Being out there in the middle of nowhere, no civilization , no fast food chain. Awesome!

But what to do when the hunger kicks in? Easy – canned food. Not sure if to tell you to dig in and or stay away from following slightly bizarre canned food. You tell me. Which one would you try?

bamboo worms

big saucy bangers

buzzard gizzards

canned alligator

canned armadillo

canned bacon

canned cheeseburger

canned elk

canned frog legs

canned pizza

canned quarl eggs

canned silk worms

canned squid

canned tongues

canned whole chicken

creamed possum

giant bug

Giant Hot Dogs

grass jelly

jellied eels

mole crickets

pork brains

pure lard

rattlesnake canned smoked

roasted scorpion

rotten beans in can

russian herring

shark fin

sponge cake in can

squid herring can

yummy fish balls

[via: Food Network Humor]

- ABC B&B Valencia