Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Collection of Love Hotels in Japan

I admire the designs of these Hotels where you can rent the rooms by hour. Yet, an other great photo project I would like to do. Click on the images for more information.

Why should stay in one?

There are lots of reasons! First, they are typically a good value. For less than a tiny efficiency at a business hotel, you can get a decent sized room, a queen bed and a luxurious shower and bath. Even better, the love hotel is intended as a spontaneous - and secret - getaway, so you're not expected to have an overnight bag. To compensate, you'll often find a wide selection of hair products, face creams, toothbrushes, and pajamas for you and your friend, as well as bath and shower necessities. It's easy enough to leave your backpack in a train station locker, spend the day out, and crash at a love hotel without having to carry a ton of stuff with you.

Did we mention you'll get free movies on your TV? Okay, sometimes the selection is limited to censored porn, but the upscale places will have on-demand movies, video games, karaoke, and, well, a wide porn selection. You might get pachinko in your room, or special lighting effects with mood music. Many love hotels feature a pretty extensive menu of food, drinks, and fetish toys you can order for delivery or purchase in your room. Condoms are provided bedside, but we can't vouch for their safety - the word is that they are locally made and probably not too reliable. Pack your own!

Bathing is important in Japan and love hotel shower rooms are like mini-onsen. Most have standard Japanese showers with the little plastic stools, and a bathtub built for two nearby. More fun places will have rain showers, Jacuzzi tubs with colored lights, aroma and bubble bath options, or a TV facing the tub.

Needless to say, if you're traveling with a paramour, love hotels are worth checking out. However the same romance-focused elements that could make it a sexy getaway for you and a partner might make it a little awkward with a friend. Many hotels use glass between the bedroom and shower room (not to mention mirrors on the ceiling) so privacy is hard to come by.

Some travelers have reported that hotel proprietors may not be willing to sell a room to a same-sex couple. To the extent that we receive reports about hotels that are gay-friendly and "lovely," we'll happily post them, but be aware that same-sex couples might be turned away. Source: Aron Boros

Hotel Mickey Cookies


Hotel Silk Road


Hotel Aland


More info: Wire Magazine & Wikipedia

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